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Revolo reaches over 80% backing in 15 days

Revolo launched its 30 days Kickstarter campaign on the 3rd of May. Backers have come from the Netherlands, USA, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Chili, Denmark, Qatar and Sweden. After a initial wave of pledges from people who regularly back Kickstarter projects, we have seen a shift towards real watchfans. We also notice a difference between countries; we have seen relatively more people from France that have backed Revolo that Germany, although the number of visitors from Germany is much higher.
Best comment so far 'This is a dream come true to be able to create my own watch'
Kickstarter campaigns tend to be best funded at the start and just before ending the campaign.
As it is Revolos' first Kickstarter campaign, it is sure that the Kickstarter backers community needs special attention, that we should have known 3 months before.
Please call or email us to get additional information.

Revolo launches custom made watches at Kickstarter

As all people are different and unique, why should we wear a standard mass made watch. Watch brands do not like you to play around with their design. Revolo is a Amsterdam based new watch brand that gives consumers the freedom to create their own high quality unique watch. They can design it in the Revolo configurator, at a dealer or at home, and immediately order it. Revolo is launching it at Kickstarter and has planned to start shipping in July/August.
It is worthwhile to order at Kickstarter to make sure that you are among the first Revolo owners and get a great package of rewards, including an interesting discount, an additional strap, free or charge black or rose gold PVD coating, free engraving on the backside and the packaging.
Check out our press release for more information on Revolo and Kickstarter in General and the Kickstarter offer.