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It was difficult to find a good name that suited our concept and was still available, since many fashion brands have also included 'watches' in their brand, product or collection registration. Our concept is a revolution in the watch industry and an innovation in the entire retail sector. We have transferred the 'power' over the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. We do not sell from stock, but produce what the consumer creates; this is what custom made is all about. In Latin, "Volo" means I want, the basis of our concept. In Italian it means flying; the ultimate symbol of freedom. This is what we stand for.

As an importer of Swiss watches, the Dutch watch fan Ron Weststrate, the founder of Revolo, has noticed that everyone has a different taste. Some follow a trend or a certain margin, but many people have selder thoughts about what they want. A typical example is a watch that would be offered for repair. A classic watch with a white dial and blued numerals, Swiss automatic movement and brown calfskin strap with Crocro embossing came in with a yellow silicone strap. My first thought was; 'funny, who does something like that'. But then I realized myself; 'who am I that I could criticize someone's taste; it's the customer's wrist. We should respect people in your taste. At Revolo, the customer is free to choose!

We  are a professional scale up, with an experienced team, based in Amsterdam. We are a team of 5 fixed employees (general, watchmakers/engineers, and marketing), and several internships and freelance professionals in design, branding, web- development and internet marketing. It is palnned to have 6-10 full time employees  in 2019.  But this is up to our support of dealers and consumers.
To buy your own unique Revolo there are basically two options. First is to visit a dealer  (if there is a dealer in your area), evaluate the models of watches and straps/bracelets and create a watch at the dealer in our online configurator. You order and pay there and the watch will be delivered at the dealer or send to the preferred adress within 10 working days. 

Another option is to create a watch online and order it. If you are happy with your design and the options you have selected, you click on 'order' and our system will lead you through the order and payment process. If you have been at a dealer or there is a dealer in the area, it is possible to collect your watch there or have it send to your home. 
The watch box contains a quality and warranty certificate, signed by the watchmaker who has carried out the final inspection. In addition, it contains the basic instructions and warranty provisions. Our watches have a 24-month international factory warranty. Additional information is listed on the site. You must activate your guarantee on our site within 1 month of delivery by registering your watch as a user, since the buyer of the watch is not always the same as the owner / user.

Because we have no stock, a watch cannot be out of stock. It may happen that we have to take a specific item from our collection because it is sold out or is stopped for another reason. If we know when the item is back in stock, we will indicate that.

Because all our products are custom made, we request that you notify us of your changes as quickly as possible, preferably within 24 hours. If we have not started producing your watch yet, there is no cost to change your watch, apart from a difference in price due to the new configuration. If you want to cancel the order before we have started manufacturing, we will deduct 5% from the amount to be credited due to administrative costs, etc ..

If we have started manufacturing, we are forced to charge 10% costs.
All watches are delivered with a luxury watchbox. This is packed in a cardboard package that protects it. Subsequently, this box was packed in a cardboard cardboard shipping package. Shipping differs per country. Some countries DPD, others DHL, UPS or Fedex. We ship as standard with economy transport, since priority is a lot more expensive and hardly saves time. Shipping is insured by us.


Your data is stored securely and never disclosed to third parties. Only used for our internal administration and to keep you informed. Payment processes and associated data are completely outside our system and are strictly protected by our payment provider Mollie.


At the bottom of the site under "technical"

Our watches are covered by a 2 years warranty for material and manufacturing defects.
Not covered are theft, loss, accidents, as well as damages due to misuse and unprofessional repairs. Straps, bracelets, glass, batteries and normal wear and tear are never covered by our warranty. 
In some countries we have contracted a watch service atelier, that provides the warranty and later technical service. The reason for that is to avoid customs, high parcel costs, losing time and the problem of communication due to a different time zone and language. After the warranty period, we are also open to ship parts to qualified watchmakers that can service our watches, providing them with original parts.

Our watches use well known movements, but gaskets, glass, dials and hands etc. are very specific. You always will have the opportunity to send the watch direct to us for service

Warranty and returns

Send an email to our customer service department, mentioning the order number and a description of the problem, preferably with a photo. If it arrived damaged, it is almost always a transport issue. We have the product collected from you and send you a new copy.

We provide a 2 year guarantee against production errors, with some clear limitations. For example if the damage was caused by a major shock or accident with the watch, or if the watch was repaired / the case was opened by an unqualified service company. Parts that are not covered by the warranty are; leather and steel bands, batteries and outside damage.
As we do not supply standard products, but custom made products, it is not the same as with standard products.  Legally we are not obliged to take back custom made products, but we do not like that people are unhappy with what they bought. So if you are not happy with the combination you ordered you can let us know and we will give you the possibillity to send the watch back at your costs. We give you a code to create a new watch, but with a credit of 90% of your original order. If there is a price difference, you pay the difference and we manufacture your watch and ship it to you.