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Your freedom, your Revolo

Our brand is about people and their imagination, creativity and desires. Free to be as they are. Some people want to have the freedom to create something unique, others like to follow a designer or brandname.

Our concept

Watch designers do not like you to play around with their design. Meaning that you end buying a standard watch, no matter what budget you have. Revolo gives you the freedom to create whatever you like; it is your wrist!                                             The name Revolo and logo symbolizes the urge for freedom, victory, peace or just fun. It is no coincidence that we are based in Amsterdam, considered one of the global most liberal cities. Our name is based on the words 'Revolution' as we have transferred the power over the design from the manufacturer to the consumer and the old Latin word 'volo' meaning 'I want'.

Our quality and service

The name Revolo also stands for high quality, durability, and affordable. It was our challenge to develop a concept that allows you to select all parts and combine it with precise manufacturing and custom assembling.  Using the quality skills of a local watchmaker. Although already unique, Revolo can add a personal touch by engraving a text or image on the backside and/or the packaging.

You can immediate experience your design by visiting one of our dealers or use our online configurator. We can currently manufacture over 8 billion unique watches, almost as unique as you are. We will regularly add new possibilities. So if you do not find your watch today, please register for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

About us

Revolo was founded in 2015 by Ron Weststrate together with Geert Tibosch and supported by a group of private investors from The Netherlands and Belgium.           A young company with an experienced team, eager to learn and improve.
Our company is opposite to current trends. We combine a dealer network with online, and source our parts from the best global suppliers, but manufacture our watches in Amsterdam.  We have an open mind and value your orders and appreciate your ideas/comment at

Revolo watch