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Succesful launch of Revolo at the Jewels & Watches fair

3/17/16, 1:02 AM
Revolo presented its concept for the first time to jewelers on the spring show Jewels & Watches in Utrecht. Hans van Loon (the Dutch agent for Revolo) and Ron Weststrate (founder and co-owner) can look back with very positive feelings. All visitors to the booth were thrilled. An interesting number of visitors immediately signed on as a dealer, and many others requested a follow up visit after the exhibition to show it to their staff, discuss details and definine the area. The product (high quality, unique and custom made) and the concept (integration with internet, new markets and no stock) appeal to jewelers, no matter what age. We expected a bit reserved attitude from older jewelers, but it did not matter. Entrepreneurial spirit is not linked to age.