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Over 100% funding of Revolo at Kickstarter, 3 days left!

5/8/16, 6:58 PM
Revolo launched its brand in March 2016 on Jewels and Watches. Until now over 20 dealers have signed a pre-launch dealer contract and we are confident to start with 50 dealers in August 2016. Also on the world' largest crowdsourcing platform 'Kickstarter', the response has been positive. After 30 days, we have 85 backers, over 10o% funded and most important very positive reactions. The best yet was 'this is a dream come true, being able to create my own watch and select the movement I want'. The interesting part is that people have backed our project from all over the world. Of course there is a large group from the Netherlands, as we are based there and have a good network. The USA and Canada have a strong 2nd position as Kickstarter has a large community of friends in those countries, but France, UK and Germany together are equally strong. The rest is scattered around the globe, Australia and New Zealand, Scandinavia, and the far- and middle east. Go to search for 'revolo' or, right corner click 'K pre-order'