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Revolo launches at Kickstarter

4/16/16, 10:25 AM
Kickstarter is the world largest platform for introducing new products; enabling entrepreneurs to start their own business by preseeling their newly developed products.Kickstarter costumers have the privilage of being among the first customers and getting an attractive package of rewards as gratitude from the developers. The presales over the Kickstarter platform supports developers in the startup financing of a company or project.

Revolo is the first watchbrand that gives customers the freedom to create their own unique watch and have it custom manufactured at an affordable price, in new concept where retails sales and online are fully integrated in a non-competing service oriented way.
Each Revolo is a high quality and durable timepiece, due to the 316L stainless steel cases, sapphire crystal glass and the reliable Swiss or Japanes quartz and mechanical movements. Almost all watches have toolless changeble bracelets and straps.
To design your own Revolo, you go to our website orin the future visit one of our dealers. You can either choose 'create yours' to immediately start to design a watch or, if you like to see some samples first, go to 'get inspried' and select a model that you like to start with and modify to your personal taste.

​Revolo watches normally retail between €250 and €800, depending on the movement and the option you choose. On Kickstarter the prices range from €199 to € 479, including a complimentary strap, folding buckle, and no upcharge for black or rosé gold and personalization of the backside and/or packaging. So it is a great gift to your loved ones or yourself and really attractive to buy on Kickstarter now!